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Which are the best Digital Eye Strain Glasses - Do they actually work?

by Abhinesh Kumar on May 30, 2019

It's a very common symptom that if we work a long time in front of laptop we experience eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms such as computer vision syndrome. As this would be a part of our job profiles, we do it every day and slowly we get eye complications like dry eye syndrome.

The best and most common thing that comes in mind is to get eye strain glasses. Now, will the eye strain glasses work from digital eye strain,  blurred vision, red eyes, and other complications? Let's read on this article about zero eye strain glasses and do they actually work?

Is anti-glare screen for laptop is a better option?


Computer Protection Glasses

Are there any products apart from eyeglasses to protect our eyes.

The first thing that we realize when we get eye strain issues is, we research on the products that are out there.

You'll find, there are many brands of glasses and lens makers who claim to protect your eyes from the eye strain problem. The market is flooded with these glasses and one has to pick up the best eye strain glass or choose the best anti-glare screen for a laptop.

What computer glasses are the best?

There are very world-renowned eye strain glass makers that claim the best quality eye protection or protection from blue light protection (HEVL)High energy value lights. These brands are 

  • Crizal

  • Bausch and Lomb

  • Essilor

  • Carl Zeiss

Also, there are some Non branded glasses which are cheap and does give eye protection as it claims by them.

SO let's study the advantages of eye strain glasses and disadvantages.

Benefits of Eye Strain Glasses

1. Premium brands are available.
2. Doctors prescribed glasses.
3. Cool frames to choose.
4. Can be used as reading as well as anti glare glasses.
5 Remove when don't want to use.
6. Low-cost glasses are also available.

Disadvantages of eye strain glasses.

1.Very Expensive for branded glasses and frames
2. Cannot wear for a long time when working on a laptop or desktop.
3. Not recommended for people who don't wear glasses, can trigger migraine issues.
4. Glasses are breakable 
5. Carrying around and not multipurpose, only one person can wear.
6. Not recommended for long hours of working.

What is the other Solution apart from eye strain glasses?


Do anti-glare screens work?

There are many anti-glare screens for laptops which also works as eye protection for users. They are moderately priced depending upon brand and technology. The most recommended ones are with microlouver technology with magnetic, easiy remove option.

They are tested and certified and reduces up to or more than 70% strain on eyes. These products are also tested and certified for the quality of the finish. 

These screens are specially designed to protect our eyes from extra glare and keep your eyes cool. Anti-glare screens not only protect your eyes but reduces stress, anxiety and migraine issues induced by computer use. 

The Advantages of zero eye strain anti-glare magnetic screens 

  • No doctors prescription required.
  • Zero eye strain or reduces strain on the eyes.
  • Premium brands available
  • NEED NOT wear on eyes.
  • Do not get damaged easily 
  • Easy to carry.
  • Tested and certified.
  • Not very expensive.
  • One or more people can use.
  • Magnetic, so easily removable( No need to stick)

Here is an example of how Zero Eye Strain Screens work


What are the consequences of eye strain glasses?

The immediate consequences would be migraine attacks and cannot wear them for a long time generally not recommended for daily use unless eyes pains.

Other consequences of eye strain glasses are they are very expensive. It starts from 30$ to 250$ apart from frames. Very expensive investment for eyestrain glasses. Not recommended for long hours usage or daily usage.

Are computer glasses effective?


Computer glasses differ from regular glasses in that they are specifically made to help reduce the eye strain associated with computer work.

Computer glasses are special-purpose eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight when you're looking at digital screens.

The average person works approximately eight hours a day in front of a computer. These long hours make us more prone to vision-related problems. And sadly, we’ve become accustomed to the fact that our eyes just feel tired and irritated at the end of the workday.
So to an extent, these glasses work but anti-glare screen for laptop is a better option.

Are blue light blocking glasses worth it?
They are to some extent works well and worth it but not for a long time and can not be worn through the day. A person who wont wear glasses for them may not be advisable to wear glasses as it may cause other complication on their body.

Does Digital Eye Strain Glasses work?
How does the anti-glare screen protect your eyes or reduce eyestrain for laptop users?