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Best Tempered Glass in India – Microlouver Zero Eye Strain™ Smartphone Screen Protector

by Official Stillersafe on August 01, 2019

Smartphones are no more a luxury and have become a basic necessity in one’s life. Keeping them safe and secure is what makes us explore various accessories of these smartphones. For instance, phone covers and cases, screen protectors like screen guards or tempered glass, etc. We are here today to talk specifically about the best-tempered glass brand in India and find out which is the best one to opt for!


Best Tempered Glass Brand

A tempered glass is developed by heating the glass at an extreme temperature, cooling it down rapidly until it has gained its maximum strength. This glass holds multiple layers of coating including a silicone coating, oleophobic nano coating, anti-shatter film and the tempered. These layers are compressed into one scratch and formed into a heat-resistant material which is five times stronger than the regular glass and it is not malleable. If you bend a tempered glass it can be broken

There are multiple brands out there selling their unique type of tempered glass such as OtterBox, Moshi, Skinomi, TechMatte, Omoton, Tech Armor, Spigen, iCarez, etc.

Demerits of a Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass protects your phone giving it a coating on the screen. Smartphones being expensive, we all look forward to opting for the best tempered glass for Android phones as well as the iPhones. So, if your phone falls, it the firstly the tempered glass that breaks keeping the screen of the handset safe.

But that’s not always the case. Tempered glass these days may not protect your screen as well.

They are breakable

If you try bending a tempered glass, it is sure to crack.

No guarantee of screen protection

Sometimes, even though tempered glass is on your screen, your phone screen might still break because of the hardness of the tempered glass hitting the screen.

They shatter and can cut your fingers

Tempered glasses, when they crack, can shatter into many tiny pieces that can cut your finger.

Bubbles will form 

Bubbles can form if tempered glass isn’t applied properly. When you try sticking a hard surface to another hard surface, gaps might form and they cannot be removed.

Glue Issues

Poor quality tempered glasses have inferior glue attached to them. So over a few months, they get frayed and the glue stops sticking.

Full size isn’t available 

Many tempered glass manufacturers don’t produce edge to edge screens because of the customizations required for each phone.

Fingerprint smudges

If you have used a tempered glass yourself for your smartphones, you might have also realized that the fingerprints easily get visible on the screen. The tempered glass retains fingerprint smudges, and one always needs to keep a micro-fibre cloth for cleaning.

micro-louvre Glass

How is this different?

A Microlouver glass isn’t really glass, it’s a flexible screen protector. You can bend it how much ever you want and it won’t break.



So how was it made?

The Microlouver glass was originally made for the computer as a screen protector. Noticing the success of the Stillersafe Zero Eye Strain Screen protector, this product was customized for phone and made a bit harder to protect against falls.

best tempered glass india



Features of the Microlouver Glass

The Micro Louver Glass has 4-layer protection. It is unbreakable and does not shatter. Made up of the pure glass material it is pretty different from other tempered glasses available in the market. Let’s find out what makes Micro Louver Glass different and how it can be a benefit to your phone altogether.


  • It’s unbreakable

Take a look at this video to know how strong it is.



  • Zero Eye Strain

The devices nowadays are a menace to the eyes. The glass will keep your eyes cool throughout the day. It has the ZES protection that stops unwanted rays from getting to your eyes avoiding strain the eyes. It majorly protects your eyes from a red-eye or dry eye syndrome.  

  • It assures your privacy

The glass has dark angles. This keeps you safe from people spying your phone from a side angle. Thus, with the privacy glass, no one can see your screen from the sides.

  • Controls light distribution

Since the glass has a 4 layered protective screen, it controls the distribution of light. Each layer plays a vital role in blocking the sharp light that might hurt the eyes.

  • Pure Glass

Made up of pure glass, it gives a crystal-clear vision. In general, a screen protector placed on the screen is identifiable differently. It is not the case with Micro Louver Glass. Made up of the advanced Japanese technology, you will never find your fingerprints left on the screen assuring no blurred screen.

Microlouver Compatible Phones


Brand Models
Asus Zenfone 5Z
Zenfone Max Pro M1
Zenfone Max Pro M2
Google Pixel 3
Pixel 3XL
Huawei Honor Play
Mate 20 
Honor 9i
Motorola One Power
Nokia Nokia 6 Plus
Nokia 6.1
Nokia 6.1 Plus
Nokia 7
Nokia 7 Plus
Nokia 8.1
iPhone XS Max
Samsung Note 8
S9 Plus
Vivo V9
Xiaomi Redmi 5
Redmi Note 5 Pro
Redmi Note 5
Redmi Note 6
Redmi Note 6 Pro
Redmi Note 7
Mi A2
Poco F1
Mi Max 2
Mi Max 3
One Plus 1+3/3T
The Micrlouver Gel based screen protector is thin and sturdy, which means it will work with Otterbox.
Tempered glass and screen protectors are absolutely worth it. If you don’t protect them, replacing your broken screen can cost you anywhere from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12,000.
No, Gorilla Glass can break.
Yes, it does.

Which Screen Guard is Best


There are examples of peoples spending too much money on an expensive or cheap screen protector. Choosing the right screen protector is a difficult decision. There versions of screen protector like bodyguard tempered glass or tech matte amfilm tempered glass.


As we spend too much time on smartphones for all our work social media or entertainment we are spending too much time on a smartphone. As smartphones have become a sleek big display and expensive and delicate. The screen or display must be protected to save money and they are very expensive to replace.


Considering that we just need a  screen protector it has to be a quality one with some features.



  • Screen break protection
  • Light privacy
  • 100% Zero eye strain.


All three makes sense and all three is a need for a smartphone user considering we use a smartphone for our personal purpose. 


Smartphone has become a very private or personal device for a human being. Its become a part of the human body so important that we would not like to be separated from our body. Never in the history of human evolution, a device has become so addictive to all human being across the world.


As we want privacy we need protectors that can protect us keep our information and other personal info in private.


Considering the amount of time we are spending on a smartphone we need to protect our eyes along with it. Think logically we will be spending the rest of our life on smartphone and our eyes need to be protected. 


The science of looking at a smartphone, when you look at smartphone light or brightness that you see it reflects and hits your eyes. These lights carry a certain amount of heat which gives complications to eyes. These lights are called HEVL lights or blue ray lights.


Stillersafe Tempered Glass

There are various tempered glass brand or manufacturers in India but you need to know that all tempered glass screen protectors are not the same. In order to make an informed choice, you must know the following points.

Your tempered glass should easily install on your device.
Dimensions of tempered glass according to your device so that it does not look clumsy.
Reflection and glare of tempered glass should not impact visibility.
Protect from moisture and oils restive(must be oleophobic coating).

The best brand I would say StillerSafe because they won't use Chinese substandard products. Koreans make the best glue in the world. They are the world leader in bubble-free glue that they make. StillerSafe products are tested and certified and imported after testing done in Korea.

To have a crystal clear experience with your smartphone make sure you use Korean smartphone screen protectors or tempered glass.

Never use cheap low-cost glass on your phone. It may crack on small hit or even by itself due to heat. Remove it immediately from your phone as the dust contains a hazardous poisonous chemical substance that can serious complication including skin problem.

Smartphones we carry in our hand throughout the even we keep it very close to the body, bed dining table, etc. Children touching the phone can also be hazardous if there is crack on tempered glass. So always remove broken or crack the tempered glass from your smartphone.


StillerSafe is highly positive about its products and believes its product reflect their status. It is known to offer the best tempered glass in India. With the long-term business objective, the company has been developing health-friendly products. Talking about the screen protectors, they aim to provide their customers with features that are not measurable in number but can be felt at every single second. StillerSafe develops simple products, non-obstructive in nature that protects you and your loved ones from the harms of everyday technology. These products are known as silent guardians of the users.



9H Tempered Glass Price

The price range of the StillerSafe Micro Louver Glass lies between ₹500 – ₹600. In general, other tempered glasses available in the market generally range between ₹300 – ₹400. However, it seems worth paying a few bucks extra for the added benefits the new Micro Louver Glass has! So, for a bit premium, you end up making it to fantastic benefits. iPhones are expensive, and thus you definitely need this best tempered glass for your iPhone.

Final Words

The StillerSafe Micro Louver Glass has the ultimate capacity to evade out the dangers of a standard smartphone. For instance, the harmful rays that might strain our eyes. On the same verge, it is far better than other screen protecting products such as the unbreakable feature, crystal clear screen, the privacy effect, etc. It is these features in major that make the product premium at an affordable price range. Get one for your phone online today!

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