Stiller Active Swift Stylus High Precision 99.9 Accurate. For All Touch Screen Devices.

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1.High Precision and Sensitivity, better accuracy, responsiveness, smooth writing and drawing like the traditional pencil.
2. No Battery Required -No batteries No charging.
3.  Multi-Use RUBBER TIP— Can be used for typing and mouse pad without using your finger for scrolling.
4. Universal Compatibility—Compatible with iOS, Android, iPad, Tabs, and any touch screen laptop.
5. Wide Application – Great for drawing/handwriting/taking notes at home, office, travel, etc.

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Why choose StillerSafe Active Stylus  Pen?
High Precision and Sensitivity
Slim and sleek, the aluminum frame feels sturdy but not heavy. It feels just like a conventional pen, but expands the power
of your tablets and smartphone, making drawing and writing easier than ever.
Ergonomic Design
The disc stylus swift technology offers better accuracy, precision, responsiveness, and natural sliding or sailing for smooth
writing and drawing like the traditional pencil.
No Battery Required
No batteries so no need for charging and the active stylus pen will be continuous work without any issues non stop the flow.
This stylus will SAIL on your devices, especially swift writing style and drawing or using on touch screen laptops.
Perfect Glide Precision/Sensitivity
Round disc tip, smooth enough to absorb screen sensitivity and gain even the sharpest edges within your sketches and
drawings, while gentle enough. Experience and enhance your capabilities on your electronic devices effortlessly.
It does not damage your device.
Unlimited Use. No need to charge.
The active stylus pen for tablets is for continuous work and non-stop use without any disrupt. With extra disc tip as a back up
if any damage during the unlimited usage.
For All Devices iOS Android, windows
This swift disc stylus and rubber stylus pens for touch screens are compatible with iPhone, iPad, all Tabs, Android Tablets,
Android Smartphones, windows touch screen laptops and other touch screen devices without any hassle.
►Our Guarantee
We guarantee you that you will this experience of keeping away fingers away from devices and most comfortable way to
use devices. In fact it will be much easy to use devices with the stylus if you use touch screen devices a lot for various work.
Unbelievable experience.
Shell material: Aluminum alloy
Disc: Rubber + Plastic
Size: 14.5*1*1cm/ 5.71*0.39*0.39 Inches
Nib Size: Round Disc.
Weight: 15g
►Package includes:
1【1】 White stylus pen, 【2】Replaceable discs(2 in the box, 1 in the tail end of the pen and in-built gel pen.

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Weight 0.190 g
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 7 cm


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