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  • Professionals are spending 8-12 hours on the laptop every day causing serious eye complications.

Unlike anything, you've ever experienced for eye protection

This ALCS advanced light control screen is very light grey tint designed for red eyes and dry eyes protection throughout the day, every day. Working hours in a day causes eye strain which leads to dry eye syndrome which is an unspoken epidemic.

The Dry eyes Syndrome - An Unspoken Epidemic

Excessive use of smartphone, laptops iPads leads to a series of complications on eyes. With no precaution taken, an alarmingly high increase in screen time, addiction to devices is causing severe complications to eyes and mental health.

Dry Eyes Syndrome

An increased use of laptops smartphone leads to a series of symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, red eyes, itching and fatigues This cluster of symptoms is known as dry eyes syndrome.

Mental Issues

With an increase in screen time and exposure of blue lights from laptops smartphones, the device users are facing mental issues like anxiety, headaches memory loss irritation and temper issues.

Professionals and Children

The most affected are professionals and children as on average professional spent 8-10 hours on the laptop every day. Children eyes get affected as their eyes very vulnerable to devices. Due to online classes strain on children eyes has increased into a worrying situation.

Future on Devices

Our future will be on devices maybe for work, education, social media or entertainment. We need to take precaution as our screen time has significantly increased and most of us are addicted to devices and just dint admit it.

How blue light is causing eye complications

Blue light has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light (HEVL) spectrum could cause serious long-term damage to your eyes like digital blindness, blurry eyes and dry eyes. (A very common symptom among device users).

Advance Light Control Screens ALCS - How it works.

StillerSafe Zero Eye Strain ™ ALCS Screen (8 Hour + Professional version without privacy) is rated the best dry eyes protection screen in the world and used by the majority of professionals and corporate houses in 17 countries around the world.

Exquisite Design

The ALCS Screen with very light grey tint blocks the harmful blue tight and protect your eyes from dry eyes syndrome.

Cool Eyes

With screen time increasing, this ALCS screen is a precaution as well as protection for your eyes and keep them cool and safe for your future.

Exquisite design, Customizable

Option with magnetic (removable) And Non-magnetic (removable) and customized sized screen for desktops with super easy to fix.

StillerSafe™ Screens Is Shipped Worldwide.

StillerSafe™ Screens is an internationally acclaimed product with presence over 17 Countries mostly in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We have partnered with Fedex,UPS and Dhl for faster delivery.


Two Easily Removable Design

StillerSafe has created two easy removable design for the convenience of users. One is magnetic removable and another one Easy stick removable anytime.

Magnetic Removable.

It's Magnetic. For MacBook, it is plain and simple as there are inbuilt magnets inside all MacBook laptops. For all windows, the laptop doesn't have inbuilt magnets so we a pair of magnets along with zero eye strain screen with instruction manual and installation video.

Easy Stick Removable

A Slim premium version of the removable screen from StillerSafe brand. Looks very effective on laptop slim sleek and stylish. Comes along with plastic board and envelope, so when the user doesn't want to use can keep it back on plastic board and keep safely. Comes with an instruction manual. Can stick on the laptop in 30 seconds